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A Breakdown of our Rates

Our rates are based on each minute of recorded material, and rounded off to the nearest minute. 

Type 1: Applies to clearly-recorded, English-spoken audio, featuring one or two speakers. Recordings must be conducted in a quiet environment, containing no background noise of any kind.

Type 2: Applies to recordings featuring a total of three speakers, including audio with the following characteristics:

  • Light to moderate accents

  • Light to moderate background noise

  • Outdoor interviews

Type 3: Applies to audio/video recordings with more than three speakers, verbatim transcriptions, time code stamping, and material containing any of the following characteristics:

  • Heavy accents

  • Highly medical, technical or scientific subject matter

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Rate Table

A discount is available for larger projects.  Please click here to submit a quote request. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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